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How To Claim Your
$1 Million In Funds To Fuel Your Real Estate Buying Power…


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“Getting The Money To Buy Deals.”

“I’ve personally raised over $26 million dollars in funding for real estate. And if you need cash for deals then in just 3 days I’m going to PROVE why getting money for deals has never been easier!

In fact, I’ll willingly hand you my exact step-by-step blueprint for raising private money that has let me close over 600 commercial and residential transactions.

Then I’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through a simple system for raising $1 Million in funding for real estate THIS YEAR even if you’ve never raised a $1 in your life. Read this special message for details…

– Susan Lassiter-Lyons
Investor Insights

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**PLUS, Urgent 2014 Funding Updates**
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From: Susan Lassiter-Lyons
Wednesday, 2:38 pm
Denver, CO (4 blocks from the Denver Country Club)

RE: Funding Your Real Estate Buying Power (2014 Private Money Updates)

Dear Fellow Investor,

In today’s real estate market… You Need CASH To Buy The Best Deals!

Point blank, simple.

Yes, that’s stating the obvious but it’s important you know that today, in our market…

Cash Is King!

Here’s why.

If you’re a real estate investor – newbie or veteran — the US banking industry has their sights on your head and are ready to pull the trigger.

When it comes to the “traditional methods” of financing real estate (especially investments) your options are non-existent.

That’s thanks to tight regulations, unfair practices, and the Washington bureaucrats determined to throttle or eliminate our profits.

In their eyes, we’re the enemy.

But you and I know that’s not true…


YOU Are A Force For Good!

As investors WE CHOOSE to revitalize our neighborhoods and provide affordable housing for millions of Americans.

But that’s not how the banks see us.

And it’s caused the #1 challenge for investors new and seasoned in today’s market. Getting money for deals.

In fact, my 2014 Investor Insights Report created from the survey responses of 873 investors show without a shadow of a doubt that Getting Funding is the #1 challenge above all right now.

Banks have made it impossible for investors to get loans.

So the results…

  • The frustration and struggle to get a good deal funded.
  • Missing out on great properties and huge profits because you can’t act.
  • Limited inventory and limited profits.
  • Lots of stress, disappointment, fear, worry, and

I’ve Got Your Solution…

As investors WE CHOOSE to opt out of the ridiculous and arbitrary rules of conventional financing and fund our own deals, on our own terms.

Imagine how effortless (and more profitable) your business would be if…

  • You always have cash to close the deal quickly before your competition.
  • You could confidently make any offer knowing you have the cash to back it up.
  • You always get 100% financing plus all the money you need for renovations.
  • Most of your loans have no monthly payments.
  • You never lose a great deal because you can’t finance the deal fast enough.
  • You never pay points, fees, or prepayment penalties, and your closing costs are minimal.
  • There’s no limit to the number of properties you can buy.

With the creative funding strategies you’re about to learn, you too can have a million dollars waiting in the wings – without jumping through hoops for bank loans, being ripped off by hard-money lenders, or getting blown off by sellers who fear creative financing.

That’s the power of…

$1 Million In Funding At YOUR Command This Year!

It’s possible.

In fact, I’ll give you my entire blueprint of how I effortlessly raise money for deals so you can copy and paste my system for your real estate business.

Hi, my name is Susan Lassiter-Lyons.


As a real estate financing expert and founder of The Investor Insights where we teach creative real estate investing and financing strategies, I began investing in real estate in 1994 by forming a small syndicate, the Lien Lords, to pool $2,500 in capital to purchase tax liens at auction.

Since that modest start, I’ve closed more than 600 transactions as an investor, broker, lender, syndicator and advisor.

And since my start back in ’94 I’ve also:

  • Owned and operated a successful mortgage company where we specialized in residential, commercial and hard money financing for real estate investors.
  • Raised $26.2 million in private money from debt and equity partners to fund my deals and hundreds of deals for Colorado based investors.
  • Sponsored real estate investing syndicates including multifamily equity offerings and a 506(d) private equity mortgage pool to make hard money loans.
  • And much more!

To put it another way…

I’ve Personally Pulled The Financing Together For Over 600 Real Estate Deals!

So you could say I know a thing or two about finding the money for real estate deals in today’s market.

But I’m not alone.

I’ve taught thousands of people all across North America how to raise funding for real estate deals so they can open the doors to amazing opportunities..

Here’s just a few stories from students who’ve taken my training and have seen massive results:

Case Study #1: Christopher Craig

Christopher was a professional working long hours in a remote office in the oil fields in Canada. It was lonely, cold, and he could never see his family. It wasn’t the life that he imagined. He didn’t had time or freedom… and it was miserable for him..

He wanted to start buying real estate in the United States, but being Canadian the problem was he couldn’t get financing in the US.

That’s where he found me.

You see, Chris had some challenges. 1. He had no family support. 2. He had some internal blocks if he actually had the credibility to get private money.

After sharing my strategies he was able to raise $100,000 for his first deal. Since then, he’s become a full time real estate investor using other people’s money, buying real estate in the United States while living in Canada.


Case Study #2: Chris Luciano

Chris has an interesting story. Years ago he was a successful investor buying and holding the traditional way – financing through banks. (Back when that was possible.)

But he decided to shift gears and wanted a change in business. When an opportunity to buy a bar in his neighbor came up he jumped at the idea.

After putting up his savings, and hitting up all of his friends and family to raise the investment the bar eventually failed.

When I met Chris he had lost pretty much everything and was at the lowest point in his life.

He decided to get back into real estate but his worry was he couldn’t get money because of this business failure that took everything from him.

He thought, “There Is No Way Anyone Would Invest In Me Anymore.”

After a few shifts in mindset and a few new strategies I shared with him Chris is again a full time investor 100% funded with private money.


Case Study #3: Shae Bynes

After getting fed up in the corporate world Shae jumped full in, quit her job and became a real estate investor.

The challenge – she couldn’t get properties closed because she couldn’t get the money to finance them.

No problem… after I shared a few strategies with her she started reaching out to private money partners using my methods.

Following my steps she was able to create success in her first deal with a private lender.

Here’s the fun part – that private lender was so impressed with the results and return that the investor told her parents in Singapore.

This led to her first international investor and was the jumping off point of a very successful full time investing career!

And here’s the great news for you:

I’m selecting a small group of investors to hand over every single one of my specific financing strategies to get the money for their deals.

When you’re one of the lucky few to take part of this exclusive experience you’ll be immersed in 3 FULL days of the most comprehensive training available for investors who are serious about becoming an expert at getting the money for their deals.

It’s called…



I’m giving you my step-by-step strategies for Getting The Money! And I’m inviting you to my own hometown so you can see exactly what I do, so you can do the same.

But before I get into the meat of exactly what this 3-day event will entail, let me clear about something…

This Is NO “Ordinary” Event…

This is different…

In fact, I hate to even call it an event, workshop or boot camp.

That’s simply because these days when most people say they’re holding a “boot camp” it’s really just a cleverly disguised “pitch-a-thon” where you never really get to dig deep into any topic and you end up leaving more confused than when you arrived.

Here’s What This Event is NOT:

I know how disappointing it feels to get excited about your future, travel all the way to an event, and show up early on day one only to find that you won’t really be covering anything in detail and the only way to get the “full story” is to buy more.

…That won’t happen here because Getting The Money Live:

  • Is NOT a Pitch Fest: There will be no pitches at this event. None.
  • Is NOT a Multi-Speaker Event: I will have some of my Elite students and coaches join me on stage for case studies, but for content and training it’s all me.
  • Is NOT a weekend of old, outdated information: 10 Sessions of 100% Brand New “What’s NEW in 2014” content I have never published or spoken on before

This event is 100% Intermediate to Advanced Content. (But don’t worry, if you need the basics additional pre-event information will be provided for you free of charge to get you up to speed.)

I Guarantee You This…

You will leave Denver armed with the creative funding and marketing training you need to get YOUR $1,000,000 piece of my $100,000,000 army and fund ANY real estate deal you come across – residential OR commercial. Period.

How can I be so sure? Because without the tactics you are about to discover, I’m sure I would NOT have done 95% of the real estate deals I’ve been involved in. It’s that big a deal…

And best of all, it’s simple.

Now that you know what the Getting The Money LIVE event won’t be, let me share with you what will be covered during this 3-day masters class in real estate financing.

Here’s a peek at the schedule and just a fraction of what you’ll get when you join me…

gtm-day1 (2)


Session One: Your Investment Plan and Brand Identity

  • The 5 sections your private money business plan must have to attract the best investors with the most money.
  • My 1-page business plan method with a simple “fill-in-the-blank” template.
  • The secret to using your plan as a tool for focus, motivation and maximum achievement.
  • A step by step plan to become THE expert in your area by building a solid “private money getting” brand that attracts lenders to you so you don’t ever have to chase them.
  • How to apply Fortune 500 branding tactics to your business so that you stand out, get remembered and are perceived as one of the big boys.

Session Two: Your Private Money Prospects

  • There are 3 types of private money partners waiting to invest in your deals. Learn who they are, where they are and how to pitch them so that they will fund all your deals for life.
  • The 3-step interest system guaranteed to get your deals funded fast. (Value statement, meeting, pitch.)
  • How to effectively educate people with IRA’s on the opportunities of private lending in real estate… and why now is the time to move their investment dollars.
  • The exact scripts you can use to raise 5-times more money than you’re even asking for AND the ‘magic question’ that locks in rates as low as 4%!

Session Three: How to Structure Your Private Money Program

  • The biggest mystery for real estate investors is “what to pay private money partners?” I’ll show you how to “price” your program to keep everyone happy.
  • Equity and debt partners aren’t the only partner types in private money. (I used this 3rd little-known partner type to raise $3.5 million!)
  • Learn how to determine the investor yield and cash on cash return on actual (and proforma) deals.
  • The one ratio that experienced investment partners will want to see before they invest with you… (I bet you have no clue how to calculate it.)
  • A demo of the #1 software program that calculates 7 investor return ratios on investment deals (commercial and residential)… Plus, it automatically creates a partnership offering handout and manages multiple partners’ returns for you!

Session Four: Your Private Money Power Team

  • The shocking reason why most investors fail… and how not to become a victim of this all-too-common mistake.
  • The top 4 Power Team members you need and how to get them on board fast and cheap.
  • The #1 person you *must have* on your team if you have (or hope to have) more than one private money partner. (I guarantee that 99% of investors raising private money have never even heard of this.)




Session One: How to Create Your Million Dollar Private Money Presentation

  • The Private Money Presentation Formula to create your private money presentation using the same template that raised more than $26 million.
  • A deep dive Into the 11 components that your private money pitch must have for maximum success.
  • The 6 biggest pitching mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • A tour of 2 of my Private Money Presentations that raised a combined $4,485,000
  • Frame control and prizing techniques from Oren Klaff’s best-selling book Pitch Anything PLUS we’ll listen to Oren himself talk about using these killer techniques!

Session Two: Private Money and the SEC – I’ve invited my friend and real estate securities attorney, Kim Lisa Taylor, to address all things related to private money and the SEC.

  • Special updates on the JOBS ACT as it relates to crowdfunding and advertising for private money.
  • She’ll take your questions LIVE to let you know exactly how to stay SEC compliant.

Session Three: How to Market to Private Lenders Leads Lists

  • My exact process for finding tons of money for your deals hidden in public records filed at any court house nationwide from the comfort of your home or office!
  • Where to get a list of private lenders in YOUR area online for less than .20 per name – you’ll see their contact info, how much they loaned, the property info and more!
  • The actual postcard I send to private lender leads lists that generates 5X more responses than any other postcard or letter you’ve seen.
  • My secret method to uncover the lenders (private and banks) of all the members in your local REIA!

Session Four: Online Private Money Marketing Strategies

  • How to automatically follow up with leads to fulfill the SEC’s mandated “pre-existing relationship” requirement. Screw this up and you’re subject to huge fines…or worse.
  • The 5-step lead generation and nurturing plan that turns strangers into private money partners… on autopilot.
  • How to use Facebook and LinkedIn “pay-per-click” advertising to generate private money partners… simply, inexpensively and effectively.
  • The top 5 automated marketing tools to create your website at the touch of a button AND completely automate communication with buyers, sellers and private money partners over email, phone and text message.

Session Five: Private Money Pooling and Syndications

  • What “syndication” really is and how to determine if it’s right for you.
  • How to structure a syndication (including the proper paperwork) so that it’s SEC compliant and you and your private money investment partners are always protected.
  • How you can get upfront fees by putting together a deal (usually 1-3% of the purchase price) and how to get monthly cash-flow and equity without putting any (or very little) of your own money up. You play deal maker… and profit big.
  • How to acquire apartment buildings AND put together hard money and note buying funds using syndication… and where to find the partners who are actively looking for deals like this.




Session One: How to Close the Deal

  • Step by step how to put together a private money transaction, what documents to include, and exactly what you MUST do before and after closing.
  • The exact checklist you need to follow when closing deals. You’ll get the exact checklist we use so you can make sure every step is completed on every deal.
  • The exact documents, disclosures, and legal protection you’ll need to close a deal with a private lender… forget just one and you could be opening yourself up for SEC scrutiny or a lawsuit from a lender.
  • What gets filed (and where) plus how to work with a title company or closing attorney like a pro with my ‘closing instructions’ template.

Session Two: Private Money Partner Management

  • Manage your investment partnerships and syndicates on Facebook using this one little-known feature.
  • How to effectively follow-up with your private lenders after you close a deal… during the timeline of the note, and at payoff to provide an over the top customer experience. Your lenders will keep coming back with more investment dollars for YOU… and soon they’ll refer their friends and family. (You’ll even get my special payoff letter that gets referrals like crazy).
  • How to automate your private lender communication so that it’s easy for you but still feels personal to them.

Session Three: Private Money + Financing Combos

  • How to combine private money with other financing so that the underwriter AND your private money lender is happy.
  • How to create a wrap mortgage using private money to SELL your houses fast.
  • How to solve your downpayment and earnest money problems forever with private money.
  • Using private money to qualify for business lines of credit and master loan commitments from portfolio lenders.

Session Four: Private Money Show and Tell

    • I’ll walk you through 4 real-life private money case studies… nothing held back so you can see exactly how these deals were structured for maximum profitability.

Go behind the scenes of…

  • The multifamily deal from hell: One hedge fund, three portfolio lenders, two fires and 9 private lenders and we still made it profitable!
  • The 100%, loan to cost single-family rehab deal – model this and you’ll be getting 100% loans in no time.
  • The Note Buying Fund (this is the answer to “what I would do if I had to start all over again today!)
  • The Private Equity Mortgage Pool or how to become a private lender with no cash or credit of your own and collect big points and fees.


But That’s Just Scratching The Surface
Of What’s Going To Happen During This
3-Day Getting The Money Experience!

We’ve added TWO brand new sessions focused specifically for getting funding in 2014.

Even if you’ve attended this event in the past you MUST be at the 2014 Getting The Money Live Boot Camp.

Here’s why…

2014 Bonus Session #1: Special Updates In Real Estate Securities Law

I’ve invited my own Securities attorney that personally works with me to raise funds from my funding partners legal in total compliance with the new laws and legislation in the market place.

Kim Lisa Taylor is a California and Florida licensed Attorney and partner in the Real Estate Securities Law Firm of Trowbridge & Taylor LLP.

She and her law partner Gene Trowbridge, have written over 100 Private Placement Offerings for private equity and real estate funds, allowing entrepreneurs to raise over $272 Million Dollars from private investors. 

Kim is a nationally recognized expert, author, and entrepreneur. She routinely counsels clients who are raising money from private investors on developing effective investor relationships, structuring and forming their investment companies, compliance with Securities laws, and drafting their legal documents & investor agreements.

Kim will be sharing the latest laws raising money right now. It’s important you stay updated, but also to know the loopholes in the market so you take advantage of any opportunities created from the new legislation!

And that’s not all…

2014 Bonus Session #2: Crowd Funding The New Frontier Of Real Estate Financing!

This is really exciting!!!

The concept of “Crowd Funding” is a relatively new term. Crowd Funding allows multiple funders to pool together to invest in projects.

Other than it’s “newness”, what so interesting about this concept is that it opens the door to nearly endless opportunities for real estate investors needing funding to close deals.

Crowd funding makes it easier, safer, and faster for both the investor and funder.

Realty Mogul is the leader in applying this concept to the real estate investing world. At Getting The Money Live 2014 we’re fortunate to have the COO and co-founder of Realty Mogul, Justin Hughes, as our guest expert and our personal guide to the world of crowd funding.

In this bonus presentation Justin will reveal the biggest opportunities in 2014 to apply this concept and give you a step-by-step action plan on implementing this money getting strategy so you can fund your real estate deals.

The Hottest Strategies For Growing Your Real Estate Business!


As you can see, this 3-day event is packed with real, usable, actionable content that you can take and put into practice immediately to start making more money in your business.

Take a quick peek at what a few of our past Getting The Money LIVE attendees have had to say below…




But here’s the thing…

This 3-Day Getting The Money Training Is NOT For Everyone!

That’s right.

Just because you can afford a ticket and happen to reserve your seat before they sell out (they always do), does not mean that you’re automatically right for this training.

For instance, if you’re a whiner, complainer, or excuse maker – please don’t register.

If you’re expecting me to waive a magic wand over your head when you arrive and have magic piles of money fall into your lap at lunch, please don’t register. The information I’ll be sharing during this 3-day event is very powerful, but you will be expected to do some work to make money with it.

Getting The Money LIVE is for people who want to take their businesses (and incomes) to the next level, and who are willing to put in the effort that’s required to reach that level.

Here’s What To Expect When You Arrive:

1. All content, no pitches. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again: This is a content only event! You’re coming here to learn…not to buy. There’s a time and place for selling, but this isn’t it.

2. It’s NOT a Single Real Estate Investing Strategy Event: Getting the Money is the common denominator in every real estate investing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re into tax liens, foreclosures, rehabbing, short sales, residential or commercial investing, you better be GETTING THE MONEY. This training is a must for every flavor of real estate investor. Period.

3. A Lot of Susan. You get me for three days straight for content and training! Plus, a nightly reception I’ll tell you about in a bit.

4. It’s NOT a Weekend of Old Out-Dated Information: This is three days of 100% “Brand New For 2014″ content and laser-specific, step-by-step deal “money getting” strategies never revealed before in any live event.

5. Module-Based Teaching. The training will be delivered comprehensively in 60-75 minute modules with ample time for questions and discussions. In other words, if you have a question about a concept that I’m presenting, you’ll have time to get an answer.

6. A generous training manual with all my PowerPoint presentations, notes, case studies, documents and relevant resources will be provided at the event. We will not be selling recordings or offering online streaming of this event. If you cannot make it live, please do not call or email my office asking if you can purchase the recordings. The answer will be “No.”

And it’s not just me that thinks this 3-day Getting The Money LIVE event is a must attend…

Past Attendees Are Raving…







So, Are You Ready To Get The Money?

If so, then you’re probably wondering how much you’re going to invest to attend this event. Ok, here goes (without the usual “beating around the bush”)…

I’ll be honest with you, this event isn’t cheap.

But it’s a lot less expensive than private money events that my competitors put on. They range anywhere from $4,997 to $9,997 and don’t deliver HALF the value that I’ve packed into Getting the Money LIVE. (Why would you pay $4,997 to learn how to do lender luncheons from the ‘80’s that attract SEC investigators like flies?)

I like to do things differently than most “gurus”. My training is the most comprehensive and affordable on the market and that’s why this year I’m making Getting the Money LIVE more affordable than it’s ever been.

The Investment to Attend Getting The Money LIVE is $997.

Because I’m deliberately keeping this event small and intimate, at this price we can keep out the ‘wanna-be’ investors that aren’t truly committed to their success and slow us down, but still make it “do-able” for those that really want to increase their profits in 2014.

I fully expect to SELL OUT at this price, especially considering the last time I held this event we sold out at double the price.

So, if you want to get in and join us for this powerful event, book your seat now – don’t wait!

Plus, you have my 100% satisfaction guarantee…




Join the Wait List Here


I’m doing everything in my power to make joining me at Getting The Money LIVE in May the biggest NO-BRAINER decision you ever make for your business.

…and chances are that at this point, if you’re not already excited about joining me, then this training might not be for you.

…but just in case you just need an extra little push, check this out:

A Select Few Will Also Receive
Over $6,994 In Bonuses Today…

That’s right.

When you reserve your seat at the Getting The Money LIVE event today, I’m also going to include these 2 real world bonuses worth almost $7,000.


And that’s not all.

I’m DEDICATED to your success and I want to give you the personal attention you need to take your business to the next level.

That’s why every night we’re holding…

Exclusive After Hours Networking And Cocktail Receptions…

This is a bonus for staying at the event hotel.

Here’s your chance to personally connect with ME… pick my brain, discuss your personal AHAs, biggest takeaways, and how to implement these strategies in your own real estate investing business for maximum success.

It’s my goal to give you the personal attention and focus to help you grow faster. Together, we’ll cut though the clutter and give you action steps specific to YOU!

After each day’s sessions we’ll be at the bar connecting, rubbing shoulders, sharing AHA’s, and we’ll have time to discuss how what you learn immediately applies to your real estate investing.

Just like any business, the real deals happen at the bar. This is the very best way to create lasting relationships in your business.

I’ll be there every night sharing every money getting strategy I have in my toolbox – you should be there, too!

So grab your spot below now…



Join the Wait List Here

Easily The Best Investment You’ll EVER Make In Yourself & Your Business!

I know, even at $997 you may be wondering…

“Is it worth it?”

Well, here are 4 reasons why I believe it’s a bargain at 20 times the small price you see here today:

Reason #1: It’s the best use of your TIME.

During the 3-day Getting the Money LIVE event, you will receive over 25 hours of hard-hitting, no fluff content. Your average “big box home-study course” is 3 – 5 hours of audio and/or video, so this is like spending 3 days to consume four or five big box information products!

Imagine how much more you would know about this business if you spent 3 full days doing nothing but going through all the real estate investing courses you’ve ever purchased. No T.V. No surfing the net.

Imagine how much smarter and better equipped you would be to run your business AFTER those 3 days of learning than you were before. Imagine how much more successful you would be!!

And the truly crazy thing is that nothing… NOTHING of what you’re going to learn during these three days can be found in an ebook or even those $2,000 home-study courses you see that get launched every week.

I know because I buy every course that comes out, and believe me when I say that no one else can show you what we’re going to show you, because no one else is doing what we’re doing.

Reason #2: Dollar for dollar there’s no better way to invest your MONEY.

In the point above I talked about how Getting the Money LIVE is equal to the amount of information in four or five big box information products.

Well, when you consider that most (if not all) big-ticket home-study courses retail for $1,997, you would need to spend $8,000 – $10,000 just to get the same AMOUNT of information you’re going to get during this 3-day workshop.

And again, that’s just what you would need to spend to get the same AMOUNT of information…not the same QUALITY of information. The truth is, most big box information products are 60 – 70% fluff, and NONE of them (not even my own high-ticket home-study courses) cover what we’ll be covering at this event.

Reason #3: Guaranteed CONSUMPTION of content!

If you’re anything like me (and pretty much every other successful real estate investor I know), then you’ve invested thousands…maybe even tens of thousands of dollars in your education.

And you know what? That’s a good thing!

Like I said earlier, I buy every product that comes out, and I actually consume the vast majority of them. But if you’re anything like me, you have products on your shelf that still have the shrink-wrap on them. Am I right?

Don’t be ashamed…we all do it. As a real estate investor, it’s hard to balance continuing education and actually running your business, and usually the RUNNING of your business wins out. (And that’s how it should be!)

But with Getting the Money LIVE, there’s not a question of whether or not you’ll consume the content we’re providing to you. You’ll be in a different city…away from your business and away from distraction.

This time YOU WILL consume the information…YOU WILL get immediate value from your investment and YOU WILL make more money because of it.

Reason #4: Unprecedented ACCESS to my team and me, as well as other “players” in the market.

Probably one of the biggest benefits that live events have over ebooks and home study courses is the ACCESS that you have to the expert. With live events, we’re literally in the same room, breathing the same air. If you have a question, you don’t have to worry about emailing customer support and waiting to get an answer. You just ASK ME! And there is no better place to network with real estate investors at the top of their game. Over the years, I have met my best friends, mastermind and business partners at live events. This is where lifelong alliances and powerful (and profitable) business partnerships happen.

Now It’s Time,
If You Want Results
You Have To Take Action!

At this point there really isn’t much else I can say.



Join the Wait List Here

Don’t procrastinate or delay any longer. You deserve to attend this 3-day Getting The Money LIVE event and NOW is the time for action, because quite honestly if you wait this event may be completely SOLD-OUT.

So RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW while you still can.

I’ll see you in Denver,


P.S. Need help with your order or have questions? Give us a call at (303) 534-7078 M-F 8am-5pm Mountain Time.

P.P.S. Registration and travel costs are tax deductible investments so come to Denver on Uncle Sam this year.



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